The job of the National Credit Regulator in South Africa

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The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has a vital function to perform. They were established by the National Credit Act (the Act) They are tasked with ensuring that the various rules, regulations of 2005 and are responsible for the regulation of credit in South Africa.

As part of their mandate, they must carry out the following functions;

  • Education
  • Research
  • Policy Development
  • Registration of Participants (Creditors, Bureaus, Debt Counsellors, Payment Distribution Agencies and Alternate Debt Resolution Agents)
  • Management and Investigation of Complaints
  • Enforcing the Act

They fall under the ambit of the Department of Trade and Industry and answer directly to the Minister in that department.

The Act also requires that the NCR develops an accessible and fair credit market, with a specific focus on the needs of historically disadvantaged people, love-income people, and remote, isolated or low-density areas.

As part of the Education drive of the NCR, you can view some of their Consumer Tips here.

Should you have any complaints that you feel need to be addressed by the NCR, follow the process available here.

The NCR has also made available information brochures containing all the information reflected above, but in more detail, including contact information. Download these forms here;

The NCR can be called on 0860 627 627 or 011 554 2600. They can also be emailed on