Under debt review and can’t afford to pay?

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Through the years that debt review (or debt counselling) has been in our market, it has always been difficult for a consumer who genuinely cannot afford to pay their installment, to get assistance. When going under debt review, a court order is granted, and only the court can relax or vary the terms of the order. Even if the creditors, debt counsellor and consumer all agreed, you would still need to go to the court to change the order, otherwise, there is a default and the creditors will end up terminating.

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Tips and Tricks to deal with reduced income during the COVID19 crisis

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There is so much information being thrown at us in the media at the moment and all of this just leads to more confusion. This article is meant to give small, relevant bits of information on some of the more important financial aspects of the #lockdown and #coronavirus crisis. Hope that these tips and tricks give you some help. If you feel that you have gained a bit from this article, please hit the like and share buttons at the bottom to help spread the word.

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FNB offers Payment Relief amidst Coronavirus Crisis

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FNB is the latest bank to release news that they will be offering payment relief to clients during the #coronavirus crisis.

Clients who bank with FNB and whose accounts are in good standing will qualify. The bank will be offering three months (April, May and June 2020) of reduced or zero payments. The decision will be made based on each individual client.

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