SA Home Loans – Arrangements for Debt Review clients

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SA Home Loans has put plans in place to offer assistance to consumers receiving “no pay” during the #coronavirus lockdown. Consumers affected will be able to avail themselves of this offer from April 2020 as all consumers should still be able to make full payment in March 2020.

To make use of this offer, supporting documents showing the situation will need to be submitted through your debt counsellor, and accompanied by a Form 17.3 (your Debt Counsellor will draw this up). The Application for Arrangement Questionnaire from SA Home Loans will also need to be completed by the consumer and attached. This form can be downloaded below.

SA Home Loans will not process any application without the following;

  • Form 17.3 from the Debt Counsellor
  • Proof of reduction in salary/income (Bank statement/letter from employer
  • Completed SA Home Loans Questionnaire