Permit for Workers in Essential Services

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Going into the lockdown, there has been a lot of uncertainty. What has been certain though is that there are industries and stores that will be allowed to stay open, these are the Essential Services.

For employers in these industries who have staff that will be travelling into work, please make sure that you download the form below, complete it and let each of your staff members that need to travel, carry it with them at all times.

The form MUST:

  • Be on the Company letterhead
  • Have the Company stamp on it
  • Must be carried by the staff member when travelling to and from work
  • Must be accompanied by ID Book/card (Without this they will be sent home)

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Home and to those Businesses and Staff needing these forms, thanks for working so that we can stay safe!

For Local East London Businesses, please consider joining the Local Yokel Project at this difficult time. They offer a fantastic support structure and make it easy for you to keep abreast and up to date with what is happening in our Town. Have a look at