Frequently Asked Questions

There are many frequently asked questions that clients have, we have listed the most common ones below.

Do I have to go to Court for Debt Counselling?

No. Your Debt Counsellor is the applicant in your debt review and therefore they will attend court or appoint an attorney to attend court on your behalf. You will need to provide a signed affidavit though before the court appearance.

Will I lose my assets if I go under Debt Counselling?

If you participate and make payments in terms of the acceptances issued by your creditors, you will not lose any assets. If you default on the new arrangements negotiated by your Debt Counsellor, your creditors can terminate the debt review and proceed against you. This may include the loss of assets.

How can I tell if Debt Counselling is the solution for me?

This question has a very simple answer, if your income does not cover your monthly living expenses and leave you enough to pay your debt, then YES, Debt Counselling is your solution.

Is Debt Counselling the same as Administration?

NO! They are two different processes, using two different sets of laws to try and assist consumers. This being said, Administration is an expensive way to pay off relatively small amount of debt (less than R50k). While Debt Counselling is an affordable way of paying off ANY amount of debt.

I am married, does my spouse also have to go under Debt Counselling?

It depends on your marriage type. If you are married in community of property, then yes, your spouse MUST go under debt counselling as well. If you are married OUT of community of property, then NO, your spouse does not need to go under debt counselling with you.

What if my creditors have taken judgment against me?

We will still be able to assist you with your remaining debt. We will also TRY to negotiate affordable payments with the creditors/attorneys who have taken judgment.

If you have questions not covered here, a visit to the National Credit Regulator’s page will also help you. You can also go to our Contact page and send us a message.