Under debt review and can’t afford to pay?

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Through the years that debt review (or debt counselling) has been in our market, it has always been difficult for a consumer who genuinely cannot afford to pay their installment, to get assistance. When going under debt review, a court order is granted, and only the court can relax or vary the terms of the order. Even if the creditors, debt counsellor and consumer all agreed, you would still need to go to the court to change the order, otherwise, there is a default and the creditors will end up terminating.

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Demystified – The UIF COVID-19 TERS Process

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There is so much confusion in the market about the UIF COVID-19 TERS process, that we thought it might be beneficial to draft a short article to simplify it. This article is aimed at small, local businesses, but the process is similar for bargaining councils and larger businesses.

If you are struggling with the process, and haven’t been able to come right with lodging a claim. Stop, read this and then try again. It’s NOT difficult to do, but the UIF process is very picky with its formatting, get it wrong and they will not accept your claim.

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How to claim UIF Compensation during the Coronavirus Crisis

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Vision Consulting has provided the following information regarding Claiming Compensation from the UIF during the #Coronavirus crisis.

The UIF is there to help during times when employees are not able to earn an income. The current coronavirus and Covid19 crisis sweeping the world is one of those times, the UIF has accordingly put steps in place that will compensate affected employees through the “National Disaster Benefit ” Scheme established.

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