Bond payment options during the COVID-19 lockdown

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One of the biggest worries at the moment is whether you will be able to pay your bond or not. Here is some advice on the bond payment options available to you if you hold a bond at the main South African Banks.

Payments remain due

Even with the lockdown in effect, there is no payment holiday that has been given on debt payments. This includes bonds on your property.

With the above being said, there are still options being offered by the various banks. The offers are based on each client individually and there is no “one way” to take up the offer. This article will give you a breakdown below on the steps to take with each bank individually if you are having payment difficulties at this time.


Before accepting an offer from any of your creditors, make sure that you check if you have any credit life insurance on the account. If you take a reduced installment or payment holiday offer, interest and charges WILL continue to run. If you have an insurance policy built-in, you may be able to claim for payment of your installments for up to 12 months in some cases.

The process per bank

Each of the five main bond issuing banks are listed below, as well as the information which we have available at this time regarding the bond repayments. If you have more specific questions, feel free to add them in the comments below and we will respond.


As from the 1st of April 2020, ABSA has begun pre-screening their clients with bonds to identify possible needs. If you are identified, you will receive an SMS from the bank with an offer. You will be able to opt-in or opt-out of the offer in the SMS.

If you are having difficulties already and want to get the ball rolling, rather than wait for an SMS. Send the bank an email to There is no guideline on what the email should include, but at the minimum, you should at least include the following;

  • Your ID Number
  • An explanation of your difficulty
  • Proof of the difficulties you are experiencing (letters from employer, payslips, etc)
  • Feel free to REQUEST what you want, asking doesn’t hurt and at least the bank will know what your exact needs are.

First National Bank

FNB has various options available and each option comes with it’s own criteria. The offers by the bank will be based on your own circumstances and needs.

The first thing to note is that FNB, like all other banks, has the main criteria that your accounts with them must be in good standing. If you are going to be experiencing difficulties, make sure that you get in touch with the bank BEFORE you short or skip a payment.

To get the process started with FNB, either log-in to their website, or their smartphone app and hit the COVID-19 Link. This will take you to their dedicated portal where you can begin the process of applying for assistance.


Nedbank can assist their home loan clients by telephone on 0860553573. They do ask that you rather send an email to due to high call volumes.

If you want to specifically apply for a moratorium or payment holiday on your Nedbank bond, you can do so by sending an email to There is no guideline on what the email needs to contain, but the same suggestion as above stands;

  • Your ID Number
  • An explanation of your difficulty
  • Proof of the difficulties you are experiencing (letters from employer, payslips, etc)
  • Feel free to REQUEST what you want, asking doesn’t hurt and at least the bank will know what your exact needs are.

SA Home Loans

SA Home Loans has come on board with the process outlined below. Please note that this option is only available to clients whose bonds were up-to-date before the COVID19 crisis hit.

If this is you and you are experiencing difficulties now, SA Home Loans will be able to investigate the possibility of a reduced installment on a case-by-case basis.

The process is;

  • Download and complete the form found on their website here.
  • Email the completed form (and any supporting documents) to
  • You may also phone the bank on 0861113414.

Once the bank receives the above, they will do what they can to find a solution for your situation.

They ask that you are patient at this time, they are dealing with very high call volumes and will get to each and every request in due course.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank is offering individual solutions to their clients. You can send them an email to, outlining your situation and they will investigate and get back to you with what solutions are available for you.

Same as with the other banks, you will only qualify for help from them if your account was in good standing before the crisis hit.

The bank warns of a delayed response at this time as they deal with higher than normal volumes.

In Closing

The banks are coming on board and putting systems and offers together to assist consumers in need during the crisis. The one clear shortfall in all the processes by the banks is that they are only helping people who had not already fallen into difficulty.

This might feel a bit unfair if you were already struggling and this lockdown is now the final straw. The thing is, there is ALREADY a solution for people that were struggling before the crisis. Debt Review assists you by reducing your installments, increasing the repayment term, and even the possibility of reduced interest rates on certain accounts.

If you don’t qualify for assistance by the banks due to historic issues, get in touch with us and we can discuss your options. Drop an email to or complete the Contact Form and we will get in touch with you. We are still operating during the lockdown.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay locked down!

Bond payment options during the COVID-19 lockdown
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Bond payment options during the COVID-19 lockdown
This article gives the process with each of the bond granting banks in South Africa on how to access their relief processes during the COVID-19 Crisis
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