How to claim UIF Compensation during the Coronavirus Crisis

Logo of the UIF
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Vision Consulting has provided the following information regarding Claiming Compensation from the UIF during the #Coronavirus crisis.

The UIF is there to help during times when employees are not able to earn an income. The current coronavirus and Covid19 crisis sweeping the world is one of those times, the UIF has accordingly put steps in place that will compensate affected employees through the “National Disaster Benefit ” Scheme established.

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Time-Frames, Due Dates and Deadlines

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Time manages and influences everything that we do. When we go to bed, when we wake up, what time we start work, when we eat lunch, when we can drive, etc. As important as all of these are, time also manages many of the processes that are used in our Credit market. This article will give you an idea of what some of those processes are and how you can make sure that you are not “out of time”.

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